Irrigation alternatives to a sprinkler system

Underground sprinkler systems are efficient, easy ways to keep your lawn watered and beautiful all year long. These systems aren’t ideal for everybody, which is why many people are looking for sprinkler system alternatives. Serving the Southeast since 1977, Piedmont Landscape Management knows a thing or two about water and will be happy to help with your landscaping irrigation design.

If you are looking for underground sprinkler system alternatives, here are three ways to water your lawn that might work for you.

1. Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a popular way to water plants and crops. You can set up a drip irrigation system along the border of a garden to water the plants little by little throughout the day. This is an ideal way to keep a small vegetable garden watered and healthy, but it doesn’t work well for lawns. If you’re looking for sprinkler system alternatives for your lawn, keep reading.

2. Manual Sprinkler

Manual sprinklers are an affordable and easy alternative to underground sprinkler systems. You can buy traditional sprinklers at most retail and hardware stores. They come in many shapes and sizes that provide a variety of spray patterns to water your lawn. As long as you know how much to water your lawn or plants, manual sprinklers could perfect for your landscaping irrigation design. Make it even easier by putting the hose on a timer, which costs just a few dollars at most retailers. Just be sure to not run over your sprinklers with the lawnmower!

3. Manual Watering

All you need for manual watering is a hose and time. Just grab the hose and water it yourself. Manual watering is perhaps the most affordable of all the sprinkler system alternatives, but it also is the most time-consuming. Manual watering can be hit or miss, though, when it comes to ensuring your entire lawn gets the right amount of water and time. This method isn’t very convenient, especially if you have a big lawn and lots of shrubs and plants. After all, who wants to come home from work and stand around in the yard with a hose for hours on end? It might be ideal, though, for very small yards, such as in a townhouse complex.

If you aren’t sure which irrigation system is best for your needs, contact the landscaping irrigation design experts at Piedmont Landscape Management. We have been keeping lawns beautiful since 1977 and can design, install and maintain the perfect irrigation system for your needs.