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Design for the Long-Term

One of the common problems we encounter is improper plant selection or placement by builders or inexperienced landscape companies. All plants grow at different rates and mature to different sizes. What may look good today could grow up to be a mess. It is important to have a landscape architect design a plan that will not only look good at the time of installation but will also mature beautifully.

There's More to it Than Mowing

Ongoing landscape maintenance is vital to the overall health, beauty, and value of your landscape. Hiring a reputable landscape company to provide tree pruning, fertilization, weed and insect control, irrigation audits and maintenance, and drainage solutions is important. When selecting your landscape maintenance provider, choose a company that can handle more than basic lawn services. In the long run, this will save time, money, and countless headaches.

Updates, Updates, Updates

Trends change. Better materials become available, hybrid plant varieties that are more drought- and disease-resistant come to market, and irrigation gets more efficient. When determining your property budgets each year, keep in mind that continuous improvements to your landscape can not only increase the value of your property but can also save money in ongoing maintenance and irrigation costs.

Landscape Maintenance

Is Piedmont Landscape a licensed contractor?

Yes, we hold all necessary local and state licenses as well as all necessary insurance.

If I become a new client, how will my account be handled to ensure our needs are met?

You will have a dedicated Client Relationship Manager from day one. This person will keep you up to date as to anything going on with your property.

Do you service residential properties?

We design and install new landscapes or modify existing ones for residential property owners. However, we do not offer residential maintenance services (mowing, pruning, etc.) other than large estate properties.

Do I have to sign a contract with your company?

While we do require a signed agreement, the agreement does allow for a termination with a 30-day written notice if for any reason we fail to meet your needs. Obviously, our goal is nothing less than your complete satisfaction! We find that it is beneficial to have agreements in writing so that both our clients and us are on the same page and you can know exactly what kind of service you can expect from our outstanding team.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards as well as checks. Many of our commercial clients are now using online portals for contracts and invoicing. We are very familiar with many of these and are happy to invoice through these portals as well.

Do you offer a guarantee with your services?

Absolutely! We guarantee all of our work. If you ever run into any issues, your Client Relationship Manager is just a phone call away!

What is the advantage of working with a professional landscape contractor?

While you may spend a little more money up front, we have found that you’ll almost always save in the long run by avoiding many of the common problems that you’ll experience with smaller companies. Our team handles everything from initial consultation, design, and construction to ongoing maintenance and regular property audits, communicating with each other and you every step of the way.

Landscape Design & Construction

Do you charge for landscape design?

Yes. Prices vary depending on the amount of time it will take to design the project, but generally range from $500 to $1,500.

How long does the design process take?

Normally anywhere from 2-5 weeks, depending on the time of year and size of project. Of course, we always do everything we can to work within your time frame.

Do you use sub-contractors?

Normally we handle everything in-house. However, if a job requires a specialty that we cannot handle or aren’t licensed to, such as high-voltage electrical or concrete work, we will bring in capable, vetted sub-contractors. We will still oversee the entire project from beginning to end.

Do you design/install low-maintenance landscapes?

Absolutely! In-fact many low maintenance landscapes not only save time (and money) on maintenance costs, but with the right plant selections can also save thousands of gallons a year of irrigation water.

Do you provide a guarantee on landscapes you install?

Yes, we provide a one year guarantee on materials and workmanship for any landscape construction job. In addition, we warranty all plants for 90 days, assuming they have been given proper care by the homeowner or property manager.

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