Understanding Differences Between Perennials and Annuals

You don’t have to be a landscape expert to know the difference between perennials and annuals. Most people know the basics: annuals live and die in one season, and perennials come back. At Piedmont Landscape Management, our experts can recommend the perfect mix of annuals and perennials to keep color in your yard all year round. Keep reading to find out more about these plants.

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Maintaining a Rock Garden & Ground Covers During the Cold Months

Rock gardens have become increasingly popular in landscape design. The variety of shapes and colors found in the rocks and in ground cover plants plus the ease of maintenance make rock gardens ideal for residential and commercial landscapes.

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The Benefits of Hiring Landscaping Professionals During a National Health Crisis

Given the ongoing national health crisis continuing to unfold around us, landscaping may not seem like a priority right now. However, it is important to keep up with your landscaping, as lawn maintenance can have beneficial effects on your health. Lawn maintenance and its effects on health are seemingly not a major topic of discussion, but it is valuable to learn, discuss and know these benefits.

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The importance of retaining walls in irrigation landscape design

Retaining walls are usually meant to retain soil that may erode, especially from running water. That’s why they are an important part of your irrigation landscape design. Retaining walls also are used to block off areas such as outdoor living spaces. The experts at Piedmont Landscape Management always use best landscaping design practices, which often include retaining walls.

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Irrigation alternatives to a sprinkler system

Underground sprinkler systems are efficient, easy ways to keep your lawn watered and beautiful all year long. These systems aren’t ideal for everybody, which is why many people are looking for sprinkler system alternatives. Serving the Southeast since 1977, Piedmont Landscape Management knows a thing or two about water and will be happy to help with your landscaping irrigation design.

If you are looking for underground sprinkler system alternatives, here are three ways to water your lawn that might work for you.

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Landscape design and the importance of proper irrigation mapping

Your green grass, blooming plants and thriving trees only scratch the surface of the big picture. There’s a whole underground world in your landscape, and it involves your irrigation system, the critical infrastructure for keeping landscapes properly watered in our climate. Whether you use an underground sprinkler system or irrigation alternatives, an irrigation map is an essential part of functional landscape design.

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Form and function in creating your perfect landscape

When planning their landscapes, most people only think about form, or the shape of the objects in the landscape. They want certain shapes for walkways, fountains, shrubs, retaining walls and such before they even consider function, or how the landscape will be used. In landscape design, form always follows function. Piedmont Landscape Management has the experience and training to provide your home or business with beautiful and functional landscape design.

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How we can help with your seasonal color needs

Piedmont Landscape Management loves seasonal color. If you’re looking for landscaping ideas that will add seasonal color to your backyard landscaping — or you’re looking for front yard landscaping ideas — then we have some great tips and suggestions for you. Get in touch with one of our professionals, and we’ll come to your site and assess your environmental condition. Then we’ll make some relevant seasonal backyard landscaping ideas suggestions, provide you some insight for your garden design or create a strategy for your front yard landscaping.

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What is involved with landscape construction and design?

Piedmont Landscape Management has been providing beautiful landscape design services to Georgia since 1977. When you use a free landscape design software package, online landscape design sites or a landscape design app, you’re not getting decades of experience to back up your choices for landscape construction and design. We’re artists, and our palette is nature. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your backyard landscape design or begin from scratch with new construction landscaping, we are experts with years of experience to make sure you get an amazing landscape you’ll be proud of.

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