How we can help with your seasonal color needs

Piedmont Landscape Management loves seasonal color. If you’re looking for landscaping ideas that will add seasonal color to your backyard landscaping — or you’re looking for front yard landscaping ideas — then we have some great tips and suggestions for you. Get in touch with one of our professionals, and we’ll come to your site and assess your environmental condition. Then we’ll make some relevant seasonal backyard landscaping ideas suggestions, provide you some insight for your garden design or create a strategy for your front yard landscaping.


Humans feel a connection with nature, and we want our landscapes -- residential and commercial -- to look amazing and natural all year long. We might all like nature, but not all of us are blessed with green thumbs. An experienced landscaper is a lifesaver. Piedmont Landscape Management can stop in and serve up some seasonal color that will keep you festive and connected with your environment all year. Looking out onto a colorful landscape from your home or office window will give you peace of mind. Knowing you’re paying a reasonable price for exceptional care doesn’t hurt, either.


Imagine your next holiday season: Piedmont Landscape Management has installed landscaping shrubbery that changes color with the seasons, and it’s beautifully illuminated with color-changing landscape lights. Your colorful seasonal landscaping will be a source of pride and convey the comfort of home or give your business something to brag about.


Our approach is systematic, scientific and scenic. Perhaps you’re opting for English landscaping for three seasons of color, with one dormant phase in the winter when your shrubberies and other greenery in your garden landscaping have a chance to shine. Perhaps you prefer a wildflower garden. In addition to plants and shrubs, we can enhance your landscape with retaining walls, retention/detention ponds, irrigation construction, drainage solutions, outdoor kitchens and entertaining areas, hardscapes, landscape lighting and more.


You can rely on the environmental experts at Piedmont Landscape Management to provide your home or business with professional landscaping services that keep your site looking beautiful any time of year. We’ll regularly maintain your landscape through one of several seasonal care programs available tailored to fit your needs. Contact us today to find out more and to transform your landscape.