What is involved with landscape construction and design?

Piedmont Landscape Management has been providing beautiful landscape design services to Georgia since 1977. When you use a free landscape design software package, online landscape design sites or a landscape design app, you’re not getting decades of experience to back up your choices for landscape construction and design. We’re artists, and our palette is nature. Whether you’re looking to revitalize your backyard landscape design or begin from scratch with new construction landscaping, we are experts with years of experience to make sure you get an amazing landscape you’ll be proud of.


We’ll walk you through every step of landscaping and construction. We’ll start with a meeting on your site, discovering which type of landscape design works best for your local environment is a large part of the success of our plan. We’ll discuss our process for designing landscaping for your site and explain your costs and payment options.


Once we understand your vision, our talented landscape architects will swing into action, coming up with beautiful ideas to fit your needs, budget and site. When we get your approval, we’ll draw up all the necessary documentation for things like grading, irrigation and drainage, hardscape construction, planting rotation and schedule and lighting. We’ll include the kind of permits and equipment we’ll need to complete the project so everyone knows their role and can be efficient in their tasks. No attention to detail is left undocumented, and no one is left out of the process. Piedmont will provide you with your proposal to agree on or modify.


Now, the best part: installing your landscape. Everyone converges on site to make your dream a reality. You’ll have the opportunity to see and address any of the magic you see happening during your landscape installation process. This moment is what you’ve been waiting to see, and we want you to experience the joy of hard work done well for beautiful results. Once everything is installed, we’ll help you protect your landscaping investment with maintenance plans to fit your needs. Our experts will continue to maintain your site all year, based on your completely customizable maintenance plan.


Contact Piedmont Landscape Management today for more information on our landscape construction and design services.